Hydray Square shape grade diamond lab grown diamond hpht cvd diamond

Product Information

Certificate Type:
Product Name:
CVD diamond
Diamond Shape:
Round Brilliant Cut
Diamond Clarity:
Carat Weight:
Diamond Color:
Diamond Type:
Synthetic (lab created)
Place of Orign:
China Zhengzhou

Products Description

Along with people's unceasing pursuit to diamond, the unceasing decrease of natural diamond, plus its rare, expensive, people turn to seek artificial method to extend the life of this one nonrenewable resource, this technology also obtained breakthrough in recent years.Main use MPCVD device, will be small particles by using the method of homogeneous extension as "seed", natural diamond single crystal grown by cultivating into a larger particles gem grade diamond, then carry on the processing can be used as a sparkling diamond, after the artificial cultivation of diamond called CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) diamond, it is to use high-tech production of synthetic diamond, its material is the same as natural diamond is given priority to with carbon.This artificially bred diamond is almost indistinguishable in quality from natural diamonds.

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